Why We’re Back to Business After 7 Years of Barack Obama

7 ways Biden is wrecking our economy and undermining our country.

President Trump is making great progress with our economy. After seven years of Barack Obama, we’re back to the business we were already in. Our country is once again moving forward.

That kind of progress is possible because of the incredible job Biden has done in his eight months in office. His policies are far from perfect, but his progress on trade, criminal penalties, immigration, and gun control are helping the economy.

So what exactly happened to our economy during the Obama years?

In our previous article, we discussed how Democrats have spent every single day of this Trump administration trying to destroy the economy. It’s a time when they desperately need Democrats in Congress to stop the Trump administration from wrecking the stock market and destroying the economy. But you already know that Democrats are completely incompetent in that regard.

Despite all the evidence they have to the contrary, Obama and Democrats spent the majority of their time and energy trying to destroy the economy. They’ve never had a single success on the economy and continue to blame their failures on Donald Trump.

But while the media and Democrats point to economic success and Trump’s successes, a look into history shows that the opposite is true.

1. Obama and Democrats destroyed the economy

It’s no secret that Barack Obama was one of the biggest economic disasters that the United States of America has ever seen. After all, from his first day in office his policies turned our economy into the worst it has ever been.

His administration, as you know, started the Great Recession of 2008, caused the recession of 2010 to be worse than any other recession since World War II, and laid the groundwork for this year’s massive stock market collapse. His spending and policies pushed us back into recession and helped to destroy the economy. His policies cost Americans trillions of dollars and caused a loss of 20 million American jobs.

So what led up to the massive stock market crash, which is still ongoing?

In his book, Barack Obama’s America, John Podhoretz explained that it started right after the 2008 election, when Democrats were in complete control of Congress, the White House, the Supreme Court, and the major media and the mainstream media.

Podhoretz told the story of then-Senator Obama, who had a very difficult time explaining why the economic

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