The Sierra Nevada is a Land Before Time

Letters to the Editor: Returning to the Sierra Nevada — a reporter took these readers on a journey, and here we are.

It is sad to note that so many Sierra Nevada residents, especially the younger generation, are not aware of and support our national effort to return to the Sierra Nevada.

I hope you will continue your efforts and share your story to the readers of the Green Mountain News and the national press.

We, the Sierra Nevada residents and our legislators, must never be put in a position to compromise the future of our beloved Sierra Nevada.

We must ensure that our children’s children and ours will always remember the Sierra Nevada as a land of beauty and diversity.

The Sierra Nevada is truly a “land before time” and our children will remember the Sierra Nevada through our children.

You are right, we need to ensure that this land will always be remembered and enjoyed, even by future generations, as the Sierra Nevada.

Our family heritage on the Sierra Nevada will live on forever in our memory and in the hearts of the generations of our children to come.

My sincere hope is that the Sierra Nevada, like some of our relatives who lived on Mount Whitney, a world wide famous mountain, will always have the Sierra Nevada for which it truly was named; the land of the free and the home of the brave.

We must not stand in the way of our children and youth, the Sierra Nevada, and all of the natural wonders it holds. We must protect our treasures.

The Sierra Nevada is truly our inheritance, our legacy, our home and our hope.

-Diane E. Ritchie,

Avery, CA

Thanks to the late Charles Allen

The Green Mountain News is honored to recognize Charles Allen, longtime resident of Noyo, CA. Our thanks to Charles Allen and his family for this special recognition.

It is indeed a privilege to have Charles Allen in our community, and I would also like to thank our Green Mountain News readers for writing to us and letting us know how much Charles Allen meant to you.

Please join me in thanking Charles Allen’s loving family and friends for all they have done to remember his legacy.

-Burt S. Aarsleff,

Noyo, CA

I write as a parent, one who has two children

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