The Queen’s Speech is not the new Lord of The Rings

‘The Crown’ star Jonathan Pryce is ‘hugely disappointed’ by the show’s latest critics’ review

The Queen’s Speech was a box office blockbuster in its day but is not seen as “the new Lord of The Rings”, according to critics

IT looks like the royal family is about to be thrown out of the White House after the British Prime Minister’s speech about Brexit.

According to the Telegraph, the Queen’s Speech is the “greatest British political drama” since Lord of The Rings.

It is estimated to bring in £20 million to the government, according to the paper.

The Queen’s Speech comes after the Prime Minister’s speech at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting (CHOGM) in London yesterday where Boris Johnson proposed a free trade deal with the EU to be overseen by Mr Johnson’s friend, the former Bank of England governor Mervyn King.

However, after the speech the Queen took to Twitter to ask “How many speeches are there to Queen’s Speech?” and, “I will have a look at his speech when I get back tonight to make a decision on the speech to the House of Commons.”

The Queen’s Speech is believed to have cost £30 million over four years.

In his defence the PM could say that he is preparing for a very difficult debate because of the upcoming referendum in which his proposals will have to be approved.

“What we do as a government is not easy. You know what they do in the States? They give a grand speech to a committee of senators or to congress and then they don’t do anything.

“So they make a speech to the nation but they don’t follow up on it. That’s what they need to have done in this case, and they shouldn’t have been allowed to do that,�

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