The Pentagon Is Trying to Kill Us

Op-Ed: NASA studying UFOs won’t prove alien life exists. They should do it anyway.

The new head of NASA says we’re wasting all this excitement over the alleged sighting of UFOs. Instead, he says we should take a hard look at our own government.

Richard Nixon, who was President from 1969 to 1971, once famously said, “Let us have no illusions. When the government becomes too powerful, so does the government becomes a tyranny.”

As the U.S. government and its military build an ever more powerful and secretive network of secret weapons and their use, it has become more of a threat to freedom and liberty than the ever-present, always-surprising UFO reports.

This is a threat that is increasing in magnitude and danger by the day. When we examine the government’s history and where we stand now, it’s clear that we’re becoming less free and more controlled.

And now, we have a government that’s not only building, but creating weapons we can’t even see or touch… and the world’s most powerful spy agencies are all being investigated by Congress.

With the Obama administration pushing for a massive expansion of government-funded military spending through the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act, we could soon have one of the most lethal militaries ever devised.

There’s been a great deal of controversy over the last week after Congress decided to investigate the Department of Defense for potential illegal disclosure of secret information. The Department of Defense has been a target of this and a regular target of the media for years.

On Wednesday, the Washington Times revealed that the Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine Corps had been targeted for illegal disclosure of classified information to the media.

This is not the first time Congress has targeted the military for illegal disclosure. In fact, this has become a regular occurrence for the last decade and a half.

But since World War II, the Pentagon has been held to a much higher standard. Any time classified information is leaked, there’s a legal and ethical precedent. Those leaked secrets aren’t being ignored. They’re being investigated. What would happen if classified military secrets are leaked? The American public, with a push from the mainstream media, would not

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