The New York Post: Is Kim Jong-un a museum?

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The Daily News is reporting that Kim Jong-un will be traveling to New York on Saturday to speak at the High Museum. The event will be broadcast live for the first time. Kim will also be making a speech at UNESCO’s meeting on International Culture Day on Sept. 23 at the UN headquarters in New York.

At a recent luncheon for the UN and UNESCO, I asked one of the ambassadors from North Korea, who I had never met. He mentioned a new exhibit of the Kim family and how they are not considered a museum. He asked, “What about the museum?” I answered, “Why can’t they be a museum?”

Kim, with his children, Kim Jung-eun (left) and Kim Jung-un, is the official successor to President Kim Il-sung. This is the same man who ordered the mass murder of millions of North Koreans. He has been a tyrant ever since.

I am not going to ask of him a thing, such as giving him a Nobel Prize for Peace, when he murdered millions of people. I am not going to ask him to become a nice person, or anything. We are all born with a set of qualities.

My question to Kim Jong-un is simple: If you are interested in world peace and harmony, what do you need to do to achieve it? What are the actions you need to take to make them come to pass?

I hope that by the time you arrive in New York that you have taken what you need to take to make the world a better place.

Dennis N. O’Brien

New York

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