The Man Who Can’t Say It

Abcarian: A speech-impaired John Fetterman is better than a fast-talking Mehmet Oz? I’ll believe it when I see it.

Here’s the thing. The very idea of a speech-impaired actor can sound like a contradiction. On the one hand, you have deaf actors who are completely incapable of performing due to various physical disabilities. On the other, you have actors whose inability to speak isn’t the cause of their disability, but their disability itself.

For example, consider John Fetterman.

A man who can hear sound but can’t say it.

Now, it’s not just one guy — two men. He was born deaf. He’s had all sorts of surgeries to fix it, including one which involved a partial skull replacement.

He went to an all-boys school as a kid, and he did well with reading, spelling, and writing. Still, he failed to achieve perfect scores on his SATs.

Fetterman is considered one of the top candidates to represent the District 8 seat in the upcoming election, which is happening on May 13th. It’s considered a safe Senate seat with a history of voting with the Republicans.

But Fetterman has spoken about his life as a blind kid who loved to speak so much that he was nicknamed “Speaker F” by his peers.

He was part of the American Sign Language Association’s Presidential Leadership Award with the other deaf actor, John Leguizamo.

“Because I speak, I tend to overcompensate and I’m not always the most patient guy in the world,” he said in a speech at the event.

He also became a fan of President Trump, tweeting his support for him in January.

Then we learned of a video where he talked about his love for the president — and his love for his dog, an all-American mutt named Rex. He shared that he knew Rex from the time he was a little boy.

“I was like, ‘

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