The Lawyers Are Trying to Get a Restraining Order

Leah Remini alleges during rape-trial testimony that Scientology targeted Paul Haggis for “hiding and lying”

A lawyer for Leah Remini, as well as her lawyers, has announced that their clients are seeking a temporary restraining order in the high school case involving one of her students (the one who was raped). The judge handling the case has no restraining order authority; it’s the lawyers that get the power from the judge. If they can’t get a restraining order, then they say they can use the “law as a weapon” — they say the rape could actually be considered an attempt to “denigrate, humiliate, and disparage” the plaintiff; and they are willing to use this case to “fight the bully.”

The attorneys are asking the court to hold Haggis in civil contempt, which is the legal equivalent of a “no bail” order. A “contempt order” can be used as a “get out of court” or a “do not talk to us” order. The attorney, Linda Johnson, asks the court to hold Haggis in civil contempt on the grounds that he has violated the “court injunction on the law,” as well as the “court injunction on the constitution,” according to the complaint filed today (PDF).

“For Mr. Haggis’ actions, we are filing a request for entry of a preliminary and a temporary restraining order. We are filing with the court that the restraining order should order him to refrain from communicating or speaking with the plaintiff, or even entering into any contact with her while the case is still pending.”

“A temporary restraining order will be entered today unless Mr. Haggis immediately drops this case. If he continues to refuse, then Mr. Haggis will be held in civil contempt. But if we are wrong and he is found not to be in contempt, then we would ask that the court grant an emergency protective order,” Johnson is quoted as saying in the request for a temporary restraining order filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

In the most recent court documents in the case, the lawyers appear to have changed their minds. When the lawyers first filed a lawsuit in March, they said the Haggis-Hollywood case should be dismissed because the court had already entered inj

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