The Jewish community of Squirrel Hill

Tree of Life survivors working to root out antisemitism 4 years after deadliest assault on Jewish people in the US

A synagogue is seen in a destroyed Jewish community after an arson attack in the Squirrel Hill area of Philadelphia on October 3, 2018. Photo: AFP

The synagogue: Squirrel Hill Synagogue

The community: Squirrel Hill, Philadelphia

Its fate: Destroyed four years ago in an attack described by the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) as “the deadliest attack on a congregation of its kind in the history of the United States”

Today: The community now occupies a single block of buildings, all destroyed in 2009

The ADL: “We are especially concerned at how the destruction of the Squirrel Hill Synagogue may undermine the religious liberty of the Jewish people, as well as the liberty and religious freedom of all Americans,” said ADL National Director Jonathan Greenblatt, who called the attack “part of a concerted campaign to eliminate all religious expression that does not coincide with the radical ideology and aims of the far-left Antifa movement.”

“The ADL will work closely with the community through the work we do together to rebuild the Jewish community of Squirrel Hill,” said Greenblatt.

He said that “religious extremism” should not be tolerated. “Antifascists and others must use every means possible to expose hate and intolerance, and to counter all acts of bigotry and violence.”

The ADL has spent the past four years working to support the community through grants. The ADL is a leading supporter of the community and its plans to rebuild the synagogue are part of an ADL-funded project to provide a home that will serve as an arts & cultural center.

In May 2018, the ADL announced a $6.8 million grant will be used to rebuild the community of the Jewish congregation at the site of the deadliest hate crime in U.S. history.

“We have been working with local community leaders to rebuild this community by working to preserve and protect the life-blood of the Jewish community

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