The Blind Football Team

Meet the man who introduced blind football to Uganda

Football is the sport of joy. It is full of games, laughter and smiles. It is a great source of entertainment for the people of Uganda. It brings together families, friends, and people of different walks of life. On the Ugandan football landscape, there are two teams who have not made it as heroes, and that is the Ugandan Blind Football team. It is one of the few teams in Uganda that has not been able to take part in a global tournament, but there is hope.

The Blind Football team has only been able to do away with the hopes of the world by making sure there was no media on the field. It is to be remembered that the first Blind Football team was formed in the year 2011, and they were in the position of not being able to make it to a global tournament, but they did. That is how it happened.

It was the man who was in charge; the man who brought the Blind Football team to the forefront of the landscape. He is called John. He is an advocate from the village of Bukura, Uganda.

He was always interested in football. During primary school, he used to play football in the school gymnasium with his friends. He was selected for the Blind Football team from the gymnasium, and during the competition, he played football with three people. They were a group of friends who came from the village of Bukura. One of them was James, and he played football with John, and that was how his involvement took place.

As far as he is concerned, the story of how he came on the scene was not complete. He went to school with a classmate, and he and that man used to play football with each other when there was no media on the gym floor. He was also involved in the gymnasium teams. He did not participate in any other competitions, but he was going to be selected in the Blind Football team.

He always knew there will be no media. There would be no media on the field at Bukura, but during the time, he began to train for the Blind Football team. He joined the basketball team. The basketball team is involved in tournaments, and he used to be on their training team as well.

During the time, there was not any other athlete who practiced the Blind Football like John. He used to train hard, because he always saw the need to practice

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