The attack on Mr. Trump in Pacific Beach

‘Heartbroken and traumatized’: Nancy Pelosi responds to violent attack on her husband after they vacationed together in California

At about 8:30 in the evening, the couple were walking along a pier by the beach in Pacific Beach when Mr. Trump was punched in the face

A spokesperson for the president called the attack ‘absolutely disgusting’ and ‘totally political’

‘A woman came charging at him with a meat cleaver,’ The Daily Mail reported Thursday

Mr Pelosi told reporters that she was’saddened and appalled’ at the attack and said she and her husband have experienced many acts of violence during their marriage

The couple’s daughter, Alexandria, said that she knew her father is ‘heartbroken, traumatized and in shock’ after the attack

Trump has previously shown his frustration with Pelosi and House Democrats over immigration and the lack of wall money

The attack took place on Pacific Beach, a popular surfing spot and the site of many celebrity weddings, parties, and music concerts.

As the couple walked along a pier in the popular beach and city getaway, a man rushed at Mr. Trump.

‘The man rushed to punch Mr. Trump in the face, and then ran back to his hotel for a shower,’ the Daily Mail said, citing witnesses.

A woman, apparently a Democrat supporter, then approached Mr. Trump and tried to take his photo with a meat cleaver.

‘A woman came charging at him with a meat cleaver,’ The Daily Mail reported Thursday. ‘A bystander stepped in and tried to grab the weapon herself.’

Mr. Trump was rushed to a nearby hospital with his nose broken, and Mr. Pelosi has been seen smiling.

A witness to the incident told The Daily Mail that the assailant screamed ‘I’m going to kill this f****** n****r, I’m going to kill him’ before he was tackled by another man.

The encounter was caught on camera by a bystander.

‘He is going to be OK,’ the woman said, to which Mr. Pelosi replied: ‘It looks like you

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