The Army Makes Me

Letters to the Editor: We are a nation of political violence. Thanks, GOP leaders, for voting a violent candidate into office. We will now return to violence as usual. Thanks to the U.S. Army for helping our nation, and to its commanders and others who helped with the successful operation in New York City. Thanks to the hundreds of men and women who worked with special operations forces. God bless our special operations forces and all who serve with them, and God bless America.

When I was a college freshman, I signed up for the Army ROTC. One day it occurred to me, “The Army makes me.”

I am not a fan of the military. I do not believe in the military because the military makes me.

I think the military makes everyone. It makes me because I’m made. It makes me because I’m made in the image of God. I’m made perfect by the Army.

I became a US ARMY ROTC cadet in 1998. During my first month of school I worked as a recruiter for the Army recruiting office and was sent to Washington, D.C. to recruit cadets.

I had never been to this city before, and even at that young age I could see what an unbelievable place it was.

I remember one of my recruiters, who was stationed in my area, gave me an early copy of Time Magazine. I was in awe, and when I was assigned a project to design an Army ROTC logo for the magazine, I found a perfect image in the magazine’s cover.

I spent the better part of my summer in the ROTC office designing logos, but I was also working with many of the cadets who would become future Army combat soldiers in Afghanistan and other foreign nations.

The first months of college were uneventful. ROTC was going great, and I was starting to

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