Republican Greg Gianforte’s Special Election Could Be a Springboard for Republicans to Control the House

Election Brief: Three weeks from election day, GOP looks west to take House Majority

It’s too early to tell how the special election in Montana’s 3rd Congressional District will turn out. But one thing is clear: The race, which is being called by Republican Greg Gianforte on behalf of the American Crossroads super PAC, could be a springboard for Republicans to control the House.

“We’re going to be looking for evidence in the next three weeks to find out if the campaign has put in work, has put in place the infrastructure,” Gianforte spokesman Ian Karmos said in a phone interview Tuesday.

The Republican congressman said he’s made progress in his fundraising and has received encouragement from Republican donors.

With that on the table, GOP strategists could see Gianforte as having a window to build on what they see as a promising start to the summer campaign season.

If so, Republicans will have the majority of the U.S. House from five competitive seats to choose from.

“All things equal, we’ll be able to keep the majority,” said Jim Dorsen, spokesman for the National Republican Congressional Committee. “But the environment will affect the outcome. We have to see and we have to be willing to put up or shut up — and I think the public is willing to call this one when we see it.”

Democrats point out Gianforte has been under investigation for sexual harassment from earlier this year, and he could decide to try to defend himself in court over a comment he made on an online video that compared migrants seeking asylum to “a horde of hungry locusts,” which some have interpreted to be an attack on migrant children.

“If he were not a very good soldier, he would have resigned after the election,” said Andrew Sullivan, who writes for The Daily Beast. “What we have seen in this campaign is Gianforte

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