Mr. Steinbrenner is a man worth remembering

Letters to the Editor: Hey, Dodgers, care to comment on that racist ad played during the playoffs? — Eric E. Rupp

Hi Eric, Here is what I have to say on the subject. I have a great deal of respect for a man named Mr. George Steinbrenner, who I met at a meeting of the California Labor Federation many years ago and who always had the interests of our state’s working men in mind. Mr. Steinbrenner once said that he liked no one and when he met someone he liked, he put down his papers and walked away. For anyone who knows Mr. Steinbrenner, I think he would agree that his ad about the Brooklyn Dodgers and their fans was a little too racist for words. I can believe, from a man who has achieved so much at the highest levels of business excellence, that his ad will resonate with many Americans who have never set foot in the Dodgers’ clubhouse, but just in the general public as his ad made clear that they had the right to play baseball as they pleased in “the land of the free and the home of the brave” but that they were not to take those values from him and so, they were not welcome in the Bronx. Mr. Steinbrenner is an extremely proud individual and one who has gone out of his way to have a positive impact on our country, our economic growth, our quality of life and our national defense at a time when many Americans, especially on the left, are very much against the President, his policies, his agenda and his actions. For those who are not aware of the facts, Mr. Steinbrenner is credited with the invention of the Yankee Stadium and, after spending over $100 million on the building, he later sold it for $250 million, the highest price paid for an American sports facility in history. In his time, Mr. Steinbrenner brought a new baseball culture to New York and made the Yankees one of the most recognized and successful franchises in professional sports. That is an individual worth remembering and Mr. Steinbrenner is rightly remembered for making the Yankees who they are today—players, managers and coaches who are not only winners in the game

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