Mehmet Oz will not represent Hillary Clinton at the US presidential election

Mehmet Oz reminded of Hillary-over-Trump tennis pick: ‘It’s about the hips, they’re a little wider’

Mehmet Oz has confirmed that he will not represent Hillary Clinton at next week’s American presidential election.

Mr Oz, who is one of the most sought after public figures in America, will not be representing Ms Clinton in the first debate and subsequent forums, his representative said in a statement on Monday.

But he will continue to meet with Donald Trump’s campaign team and will be providing the Trump campaign with advice.

Mr Oz, who is the chief executive of the renowned Dr Oz Show, which is a US-based version of a British television medical-themed programme hosted by Mehmet Oz, a Turkish-born cardiologist, has repeatedly been asked over the years about his views on the US presidential election.

But unlike many of the other candidates, he has never offered an opinion in public beyond saying the winner will ultimately be the person “who speaks the most about the issues”.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Mr Oz said: “I will not be a candidate for the Democratic presidential nominee. I have been asked for my views on it by many, and I offer them publicly and honestly.

“I’m not running for the Democratic nomination, and I’m not backing a Republican. It’s about the hips, they’re a little wider.”

Ms Clinton, who was expected to receive the full backing of the party’s leading superdelegates after a big victory on Super Tuesday, has seen her position on Mr Trump’s candidacy deteriorate since the first debate.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Mr Trump said: “In the interest of party unity, I am asking Mehmet to refrain from campaigning with me and his supporters.

“Thank you.”

Mr Trump has yet to comment on why Mr Oz won’t be attending the debate,

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