Meghan Markle’s Instagram account was flooded with calls after the royal wedding

Meghan Markle envied Paris Hilton? Apparently so — and here’s how she got over it.

Meghan Markle may be in Paris, but she’s also living in style over there — if that’s even possible for the Duchess of Sussex with her lifestyle and lack of money.

The former Suits actress and fashion influencer has been spotted looking every bit the Duchess of Sussex — from the Gucci heels she was seen wearing in a photo that was taken the day before the royal family’s trip to the Louvre Museum to the diamond engagement ring she wore to the royal wedding.

But it took until last weekend for Markle to finally break her silence on the scandal surrounding the “Apprentice” alum — which led to two separate police investigations and the release of leaked phone records that reportedly implicated Markle in her boyfriend’s criminal activities.

Though sources told Us Weekly that Markle was not the subject of the call records, the actress has always taken down her Instagram page, which was flooded with pictures of her vacationing with Prince Harry and husband-to-be Prince William in India when she discovered the records that have now emerged.

And in the leaked details, it appears that she shared a lot more than she first admitted on her Instagram page. The leaked records reportedly show her on her phone the night of the June wedding chatting with the father of her then-17-year-old friend, who recently had fallen into a coma following an accident.

The calls, which reportedly lasted 30 minutes, show the call’s duration, location, date and time. And while the first call happened around the time of the accident, the second, earlier that day, showed Markle chatting with Prince Harry’s father about her daughter’s medical issues.

An insider told the outlet: “This is the extent of Meghan’s interactions with Prince Harry’s family while on her honeymoon, which is just the way she likes it.”

And while it’s unclear if Markle was aware of the calls before they were leaked, it appears that she knew about them immediately after the news was released, as she went on to delete her Instagram account.

The fact that Meghan isn’t the source for the records adds to the mystery surrounding her sudden revelation that

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