Marv says he will take legal action against the students responsible for the video

Racist video circulates at Torrance high school, with Black student targeted by ‘racially hateful message’ — CBS Los Angeles (@CBSLA) June 25, 2019

One of the students who attended the meeting was a former student of Marv’s, who described the incident as a “big lie,” stating that the racist and hateful video was only posted by “one of the staff members” and that no other students were in attendance at the meeting.

“It was never a meeting, it was only one of the staff members posting about it on Facebook,” the former student said. At least one other student took part in the meeting by bringing a copy of the video to the school’s administration.

Marv and the administration were forced to respond to the video after it became nationally spread and is receiving renewed criticism on social media. The video is not an accurate portrayal of what was actually said at the school’s administration meeting.

“Let me be clear, there was certainly no intent of racial hate to be taken by the individuals or any of the administrators. That is the real lie,” Marv told the news outlet.

“The video was reposted on YouTube and other social media sites without our knowledge or consent. I am confident in this matter that this video was only intended for one of the staff members to post in order to further divide the student body and for their own personal satisfaction.”

Marv also said that he will take legal action against the students responsible for circulating the video and encouraging others to share it.

“I am going to take legal action, to be honest, because what they have done is really despicable. And the other students and our administrator, you know, our former administrator, they did not have any intent whatsoever to do anything hateful, they didn’t have any intent whatsoever,” he stated. “They did just want to post a video about the superintendent

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