Marlo Thomas Takes Back Oprah Winfrey’s Comment on Sherri Shepherd’s Weight Loss Story

Marlo Thomas takes back Sherri Shepherd weight-loss comment: ‘Never doing it again’

Marlo Thomas has taken back a comment he made on the Oprah Winfrey Show which appeared to support Sherri Shepherd’s claim she had lost weight through diet pills on the show.

The ex-NFL, boxing and former Dallas Cowboys running back told Oprah Winfrey he had “never done it” and that he “believes people can do it and that it’s OK to do it.”

When Oprah asked if he believed people who go on and say that they’ve lost weight through diet pills, Thomas said: “Yes. I mean, that’s what they’re saying – that they had never done it before. And I kind of think there are some doctors that have said that to her and she believed them and believed what they were saying.

“But like I said, I’m going to leave it alone. I don’t believe in people taking advantage of a good thing like that – when you’re saying, oh, I’ve been successful in my life. Why are you saying this?”

When Oprah later said she was not going to repeat Shepherd’s claim that she had lost weight through diet pills, Thomas said: “Well, I don’t believe you. I’m sorry.”

Thomas also claimed the weight-loss story had been “bullied” and that his comment had been taken out of context.

Thomas’ comments to Oprah came following a conversation on the show in which the ex- running back and his ex-fiancée and their daughters were interviewed about how they met.

When asked if he would have told her he was not going to marry her if she had not been tall, gorgeous and rich, he replied: “I would have told her I am a guy you want to take home to mom.”

Thomas also said that he had been warned by his father and older brother, who told him that the press would “never leave

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