Mark Webber will be the oldest driver at his first post-F1 championship

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The Belgian Formula One driver Mark Webber is one of the most successful drivers in F1 in the last few years. A brilliant talent, he has managed to get to the top of F1 without having to spend too much of his time off the track.

But, he has to be happy with the results he’s achieved so far, especially in Formula One. He is, therefore, not satisfied with just winning the championship this year, he wants to win the championship next year as well. Next year, in fact, will be Mark Webber’s last season after F1.

It will be interesting to see what his management team does next. In 2018, he will be the oldest driver at his first post-F1 championship.

And, in his first season as a F1 driver, he will have one less title to defend this year and will lose the chance of winning the title next year.

The news came one day before the Belgian Grand Prix and on the eve of his 200th Grand Prix. The Belgian GP takes place in the second week of August. The F1 driver is at his happiest when he is in his home country. Mark Webber’s home country is Belgium.

It was announced in the last few weeks that he will participate in the Formula 3 season. Mark Webber has always been a fan of the Dutch Formula Three. He has visited the Dutch circuit in his youth and had the chance to test F3 cars. He also tested a Formula Renault 3.5 in the late 2010s.

Last time, however, he turned down the offer since he didn’t have the necessary sponsors. But, after coming back from a break in his career and being inspired by Christian Horner (who will run Mark Webber’s team in Formula 3 this season), Webber had renewed his contract with Red Bull F1.

Red Bull, however, was not in a position to sponsor Webber full-time. He was still able to participate in test with them. But, without a proper sponsor, Red Bull F1 would not have the necessary funds to run the Belgian GP.

So, for the past two years, Webber has enjoyed a chance to race in Belgium without the requirement of paying for his own expenses. But, after

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