Kyle Schwarber’s Hand Injury Wasn’t a Bad Thing

World Series: Kyle Schwarber Did What the Cubs Couldn’t: Win Gold

Kyle Schwarber will be remembered as the reason why the Chicago Cubs pulled the 2017 World Series trophy from Florida. But beyond the glory, there’s the little matter of what Schwarber did to turn the series around, starting with how he stayed off the disabled list with a hand injury.

What’s that? You were hoping that the injured hand was caused by a bad back injury or something else?

It’s not what you think.

On March 24, Schwarber said he “had a couple of stitches” in his hand after taking two shots from a fan at Progressive Field, which led to the injury.

But here’s what he said about what happened with that hand injury.

“I got a little bit of a bruise. I was expecting to get a little bit of a bruise. It’s not as bad as a bunch of stitches, I think. It’s about what you think it’s going to be. It’s not bad at all. I think they were talking about a biceps strain. I think when a person gets a little bit of a bruise on there, maybe they’ll say, well, that’s it.”

It’s not exactly like he got a biceps strain.

Schwarber has played in 145 games and has made a total of 754 plate appearances. If you look up “bruise” in the dictionary, it has this picture:

Of course Schwarber doesn’t know all the rules of boxing and the dictionary. But I think he knows more about the “rules of baseball” than anyone.

I’m guessing there are five rules of baseball that the Cubs couldn’t possibly know more about, so we’re going to look at them in this order: 1. You can be fired over not playing in the World Series. (For the record, the Cubs have fired two managers and a coach who didn’t play in the World Series this season. The Cubs weren’t fired for “not playing in the World Series,” so to the Cubs’ credit

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