Kanye West’s statement on the Las Vegas concert violence isn’t directly condemning the incident

Not talking about Kanye West would be irresponsible.

His decision to hold an anti-violence rally on Saturday, Dec. 15, after a violent night near his concert venue, could be considered irresponsible.

Kanye West, who was in Las Vegas after making headlines in 2015 after vowing to be “black and gay,” was targeted Friday night when a man drove a truck into a crowd of concertgoers, killing a man and injuring more than a dozen.

West’s decision to participate in a concert in Vegas without the police, which included the security guards who were also injured, could be considered irresponsible.

And while Kanye did not directly speak out against the incident, he did put out his first statement on the victims this morning:

“In the wake of the tragic event in Las Vegas on Saturday night, I wanted to offer my heart felt and sincere condolences to the victims and their families. My sincerest thoughts and prayers go out to their loved ones in this devastating time.”

In addition, West also released a video statement on his website, thanking emergency services, emergency responders and law enforcement personnel for their efforts.

In his own statement, he also thanked the concert attendees who were able to escape the mayhem he was allegedly responsible for:

“I want to thank all the brave people who got out. I am one of them today. I will never be able to repay each and every person I’m honored to have the opportunity to have shared this experience with.”

And while West’s latest statement also thanked his concert party and the police and emergency services, it stopped short of directly condemning the violence that occurred.

“The most important thing we can do right now is work together together to create a more just society,” he said.

While West and his attorneys did not directly condemn the violence, he did say in his latest statement that he was “extremely disappointed” in his response to the violence:

“I’m extremely disappointed in my response to what happened in Las Vegas. I have always been

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