Kanye West apologizes for his “Famous” video

Kanye West returns to Instagram, says he lost $2 billion in one day

Kanye West is back in the spotlight after weeks of controversy following his performance at Saturday’s Grammys. With his new single “Famous,” he addressed the controversy and said he lost $2 billion in one day. His latest post reads, “I’ve had over a billion dollars in one day,” showing the $20,000 he spent to make his “Famous” video.

“F.” is a song about friendship, and it became a hit. West has now gone on Instagram to explain the song, saying, “It’s about me and you, and the pain of lost love and all the things we were once part of.” He also apologized to Taylor Swift, who he said used him as a “platform to get money from … I did a mistake.”

“I made a mistake. I made a bad choice,” West said in response to a fan who wished him a happy birthday on Instagram by comparing him to a Kardashian.

Kanye posted a video of himself in the studio in Los Angeles, showing him filming “a very special music video for F.” But there’s no footage of him singing or rapping. The music is from the video that accompanies “Famous”: the song itself plays, and West also raps.

West apologized for his earlier comments saying he “misunderstood” what was being said and saying, “If I could take back the words I said, I would.” But he added he’s sorry for any confusion.

The video features several of West’s friends, including a man who appears to be Kanye’s sister Kim Kardashian. West said he hopes to keep working with his friends.

“I really love the video. I love it. It is very sweet and fun,” he said. “You know, I actually don’t feel good about this. I feel really bad because I feel like I should have made more of a public appearance that day and we could have had the whole world out in the studio on one of our days.”

West said he also regrets the comments that inspired people to call him a monster. “It’s not a monster.

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