How to Stop the CPAC from Falling

Op-Ed: Liz Truss’ downfall won’t end trickle-down economics – but it could.

When a man, in a moment of extreme irritation, said to a journalist, “Why don’t you just leave?” I knew exactly what he meant.

I’d like to say I’d been doing some digging on some of the more ridiculous and counterproductive economic ideas that many have been advocating over the past several decades.

My personal bias toward small-government conservatism is strong enough to make me ignore anything that would lead us further down the road to the very thing I am advocating against.

However, the truth is that there are some real-world problems that could happen due to a failure from that road.

So, I have decided to share a few ideas as to how we could do something about that in the event we keep heading in a destructive, downward spiral.

As a result of Liz Truss’ downfall, a small group of people have been able to seize control of the Conservative Political Action Conference and turn that conference into a platform for their ideological agenda.

Instead of focusing on the fiscal and economic issues of the day, they have been using the CPAC as a launching pad for their radical, far-left, socialist/communist agenda.

In many cases, CPAC has become a platform for the establishment to promote their left-wing, political agenda.

There is now even a name that is being thrown around as to how exactly CPAC has fallen under the sway of the far left, and what their next move would be.

That name is called: “PELOSI’S CPAC.”

I’m talking about the Political Equality Movement, the same organization responsible for the failed U.S. Senate campaign of Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

Here is a quick look:



Political Equality Movement




December 28, 2016


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