French players throw bananas at Brazilian players

Banana thrown at Brazilian players in soccer friendly in Paris

At least three Brazilian players took turns throwing bananas at a group of French soccer players in the early hours of Thursday.

The team-building gesture was part of a friendly match pitting French youth soccer players and coaches against members of Brazil’s national youth soccer team at Parc Des Sports in Paris.

Four Brazilian players on the French team, including forwards Ricardo Goulart and Ricardo Guedes, throw bananas.

A group of French soccer boys and girls had a lot of energy as they chased the football around the training ground, only to run afoul of the Brazilian boys, who apparently got the message.

The video is over 3 minutes long and shows a mix of players from both teams.

I guess we’ll just have to wait for the video of them in action against the boys from Brazil to see the full extent of their bad manners, but it seems the French can’t get enough of it.

Goulart said he and his teammates wanted to show that the Brazilian team can handle a little bit of pressure.

“We wanted to show that there are differences between our boys and the boys from Brazil, and these differences can not be overrated,” said Goulart.

“We will continue to work with the kids for the world championships.”

The players from Brazil said they were shocked at the attack and didn’t understand why France wanted to challenge them, to show that there’s a lot of talent in the country and that young players can go on to success.

“It seems strange for us to be playing against national youth team, but we want to show that we are not an underachieving team. We want to show that we can be winners. We believe we can go on to win the World Cup, and hope to bring Brazil its first World Cup title.”

France, like Germany in the 1990s, plays against the same teams in tournaments and matches in all the games. France is hoping that by doing so, it will draw more attention to the country and help bring in more tourists.

French soccer player Philippe Mexes throws a banana at the boys of Brazil during

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