BRANDON PARK HIGH SCHOOL — Students at Brandon Park High School report being threatened and harassed

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BRANDON PARK HIGH SCHOOL — A racist, racially hateful message has circulated on social media after students at Brandon Park High School reported that they were threatened and harassed last week.

The incident occurred on Aug. 11. The students were walking a friend home from the high school when an unknown group of students approached them and began yelling, calling them animals and telling them to drop to their knees, according to a statement from the school district.

A student at the school who identified himself only as “J.J.S.” provided a video with a message to the media. In the video, he tells the students “get your white asses off of me,” before saying “you’re animals.” Another student then walks up to the group of students and says “we’re not going to touch you.”

A second video was posted by the same student on Aug. 20, telling the students they are scammed and “they’ve defrauded you,” in both videos he calls them animals and tells them to drop to their knees.

After the video was posted and student outcry was spreading on social media, the school released a statement on Aug. 28, saying, “At no point did the group threaten or harass the students. They did not use any inappropriate language directed at them. They did not violate any of our policies, and no actions, physical or otherwise, were ever taken against the students prior to or during the incident.

“The district takes its obligations to all students and families very seriously and will continue to take appropriate action as we learn more about the incident.”

The school district added that the matter has been referred to the Los Angeles County Department of Education (LACDE) and the Los Angeles

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