Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks Are Close Friends

Double the icons! Billy Joel, Stevie Nicks will bring piano and gold dust to SoFi in June

by Daryn Weiss · Published October 15, 2016 · Updated October 20, 2016 to reflect Billy Joel’s involvement with SoFi

Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks have confirmed they’ll perform at SoFi 2014, and the two of you could be just the best of friends. The two pop legends have been friends for years, when they met on tour in 1991. The two played together at the Grammy show in February. Their meeting is described as their “first and only” meeting, but they became close friends.

“She’s one of my favorite people ever. She’s just so cool,” Joel told the audience at New York’s Irving Plaza recently (via MTV). “I feel like we had such great times as musicians. I feel like we’ve built an interesting friendship over the last few years. We’re very close, and we’re like best friends. And we love each other.”

SoFi is a music festival in the Hamptons, New York, June 30 through July 1. The event is scheduled to return in 2014. Since its debut in 2006, the fest has presented acts such as John Mayer, Beck and the Smashing Pumpkins.

Joel will perform on June 9, before he’ll take the stage at SoFi 2014.

“There’s absolutely no other artist who sings like Billy Joel, who writes songs like Billy Joel, who has his own style of writing — and who’s a perfectionist in ways that are so unique and so powerful,” Billy said in an interview with Spin earlier this year. “We’re also kind of friends, and I know he’s one of my most important sources of inspiration.”

Joel’s last tour was a three-show stint at the Forum in Inglewood, which was just one of two sold out shows.

“I think I’ll go as hard as I can and show as much as I can and hopefully pull of a great show,” Joel said.

Stevie Nicks will

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