Apple Music Releases New Version of Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ Music Video

Accused of fatphobia, Taylor Swift debuts an edited ‘Anti-Hero’ video on Apple Music

Apple Music released an edited video of Swift’s ‘Anti-Hero’ single, which features an over-the-top performance from a ‘dead-ringer’ character.

In the edited video for Swift’s “Anti-Hero” music video, which features the pop star singing and dancing with a “ghostly, over-the-top” character, the video is altered to feature only Swift and the ghostly character. Instead of Swift’s signature dance moves, Swift and her ghostly character perform a series of dance moves while Swift looks on in the background.

In addition to the new version of the music video, Apple Music also posted a clip of the original version on its YouTube channel.

Apple Music also released a second new version of the video on YouTube featuring a new, but still edited version. This new version edits the original performance from Swift to remove a performance glitch that happens around the second minute mark in the song. The new version also removes the dancing ghostly character to make it simpler, and replaces it with a brief clip of Swift looking out in the video field.

According to Apple Music’s description of the video, Swift and the ghostly character dance while Swift looks on in the background:

In the new version of the music video, Swift dances and sings with a ghostly, animated character in the background. She looks up at her hands and looks back down, her hands still moving, and her expression has changed to a smile. The video was made possible by the Apple Music team, with the support of Swift, who has made it easy for fans to create their own videos. Apple Music’s new version of the video features two versions of the song with new lyrics, a new music video and a new dance video.

Swift’s version of the video is titled “Anti-Hero” in the YouTube description of the version. In the description of the new version, Swift sings these lyrics:

In our show, we wear our hearts on our sleeves. I don’t want to be saved by a ghost. When this life ends, I want to be ready. I don’t want to have to explain myself. I want to feel the pain and fear that is my calling. I want to stand up, say my goodbyes. I want to be an Anti-Hero, not a fake.

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