Angela Lansbury’s Story of a Successful Hollywood Star

Letters to the Editor: Angela Lansbury, the actress you really wanted to work with

When it comes to pop culture, Hollywood is a business. Stars can make and break careers by working only when they feel like it. Angela Lansbury was offered the opportunity to do a film with Jerry Lewis in 1973, and she was not interested. (The project is still in limbo.)

That’s just the nature of the business. You want people to pay to see your movie, and you want them to like it.

One of the reasons why you like movies is that actors can play a wide variety of roles. But if you only play one role, people get bored and pass on the movie.

The way to build a career is to play roles that people can love. A good actor, like Angela Lansbury, plays the same character in different movies.

Angela Lansbury would not have been able to do a movie with Jerry Lewis if she hadn’t agreed to do “The Pink Panther.” If Jerry Lewis had not been famous, Angela Lansbury would not have had a career.

Jerry Lewis did not want Angela Lansbury to star in a movie with him, but Lansbury was willing to do it for the experience and because she loved playing Pinky.

The first time Lansbury was offered to play Pinky the Pussycat in the “Pink Panther,” she had never read a book in her life.

She said she didn’t want to do the film until the stars came back to the studio. Then, she read the book.

She was convinced that this was not going to happen, but she read it, and she loved it. So she agreed to do it.

Another reason Lansbury was willing to do the film was because she had been friends with Lewis, so seeing him in the flesh was not too scary for her.

As she put it, “There’s nothing more exciting than a movie where you’re in the movie with someone you’ve known for years, both of you are friends, and he’s the star.”

In the end, Lansbury turned down the offer to play Pinky for the money and because of the experience, but even if she didn’t think so at the

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